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Screenshot (93).png

It can be mounted quickly and directly on the actuator and is
extremely space-saving. Despite its very compact design, there is place for 1-2 mechanical micro
switches or inductive sensors in V3 design. Its large OPEN-CLOSED visual indicator is clearly visible.  Alternatively, it can be equipped with visual indicators for T- or L-bores. The basic version is suitable for actuator hole spacing 80x30 mm with shaft heights of 20 and 30 mm. For other hole spacings, our stainless steel bracket IMBHV, which is adjustable in height and length, will be needed. The i-box housing  provides a degree of
protection by enclosure IP66 and IP67 according to IEC


Screenshot (95).png

 The Wave Box can contain 1-4 mechanical
micro switches and sensors in V3 design. Furthermore 1-3
slot type sensors and 1-2 cylindrical sensors (max.
diameter 18mm / max. length 50mm) can be installed. The
housing is available in polyamide, vestamid and aluminium.
By means of the waved cover, wave series provide IP67
enclosure in all types. Available with two
versions of brackets: an economical version with a very
strong, reinforced plastic with fibre glass and a chemical
version with our premium class stainless steel MBHV. All
 brackets are adjustable in height and length.


Screenshot (96).png

All external parts are
made of high class materials AISI 316 Ti or AISI 316. This
switch box is predestined not only for use in chemical
apparatus construction but also in offshore applications,
thanks to its high resistance against corrosion and pitting.
By means of its classic design, it is very flexible -up to 4
mechanical micro switches or sensors in V3 design could
be installed inside. Alternatively 1-3 slot type sensors and
1-2 cylindrical sensors (with max. diameter 18mm / max.
length 70mm) can be used. All our brackets are adjustable
in height and length.

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